We make it simple for you to get more people in the chair

We help you to attract new patients and drive traffic to your website.

You want to help as many people as you can. (And you want to make more money.)

Hundreds of dentists have trusted us to attract thousands of new patients.

We make it easy for you to significantly increase the number of potential new patients 


With more interested visitors to your website:

  • You have a big opportunity to get more people in the chair and it should easily lead to more treatment sales
  • If you do it right then new patients lead to more new patients through word of mouth giving you the extra value of many more loyal patients for years
  • You can help more people to solve their dental problems
  • You can do all this without any hassle (we take care of virtually everything)


We are driven by giving you at least 10x ROI.

‘Patient numbers up by 35%’

We helped one client to grow their patient numbers by 35%.


How do we help you to attract new patients?

One of the main ways we help is by taking care of your pay per click (PPC) advertising.

We send fresh, high-quality leads to your website.


Will all these new website visitors become patients?

Too many dentists think that getting new website visitors is the end of the story.

They assume people see a phone number, call it straight away and book an appointment.

But that’s rare. 

Most visitors to dentists’ websites leave quickly and never come back. 

Attracting the right kind of prospect is crucial.

But, unlike the others, we know it’s just the beginning.


When attracting prospects becomes selling treatments

We can help you to produce a downloadable “lead magnet” – a  small chunk of value that solves the visitor’s specific problem.

For example, if you attract a prospect to your teeth straightening page, you could offer a valuable PDF download: “6 Key Questions About Secretly Straightening Your Teeth”. 

The prospect gives you their email address in exchange for access to the PDF.

It’s an important moment.

It means they’ve given permission for you to send emails.

Now you can start to develop a relationship.

Suddenly the process of attracting a new prospect pivots into the process of selling more treatments.