Do you want us to send high quality new patient enquiries your inbox and increase visits to your website?

Now we can send fresh, high-quality leads to your website with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

We are the authority on Google AdWords (the paid for results at the top and right-hand side of Google search pages), Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn advertising for dentists.

The 7connections dentists who are embracing PPC (pay per click) advertising, and following up by capturing email addresses and nurturing prospects are the dentists who are making the most money.

Unlike some other PPC management firms, our pricing is completely transparent.

Our management fee is clear. And the ad spend (for example, the  amount that goes to Google or Facebook) is clear.


When we manage your PPC ad spend:

  • It will often pay for itself many times over
  • Using our dental advertising experience, we can help you to start making real money from PPC
  • We will constantly test your ads and use complex bidding strategies to give you the ultimate results
  • We can give you cheaper clicks and better quality clicks (from leads who are more likely to buy)
  • And unlike many of the others, we often deliver different ads to your prospects depending on whether they are cold, warm or hot leads
  • All of which can help you to massively increase the number of new patients, treatments sold and profit made
  • You can do all this without any hassle (we take care of virtually everything) 

Should I advertise on Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn?

We use the knowledge and expertise gained from working with hundreds of dentists like you to answer the following questions:

  1. Who are your ideal patients?
  1. What’s most important to them? (For example: Quality? Price?
  1. Where do they spend their time? (Facebook? Twitter? Google?)
  1. What would make them come to see you? (Special offers? Convenience?)

We work out the answers to these questions to find the best way to attract the perfect patients for your practice.


5 key PPC mistakes dentists make

  1. Not using PPC advertising. When it’s done right, it’s the best way to get fresh, qualified leads to your website.
  1. Linking an ad for a specific treatment to your site’s home page (if someone clicks an ad for teeth whitening you must take them straight to a dedicated teeth whitening page or you will probably lose them).
  1. Wasting your click spend by not asking visitors for their email addresses.
  1. Getting ripped off by PPC management companies who do not spell out how much of your monthly payment is being spent on ads.
  1. Wasting money by showing ads to leads who could never be patients (for example, showing an ad to someone in Bristol when your practice is in Manchester).


We can help you to avoid all of these mistakes.