Now we can automate your sales and marketing to give you your life back

We give dentists their lives back. 

You need to attract new patients, stay in touch with prospects, call patients who didn’t take you up on a treatment plan, find ways to sell treatments to existing patients…

It’s impossible to stay on top of all this by yourself.

We take care of automating your marketing, your sales and your entire patient journey.

If a prospect gives you their email address tomorrow, we can automate virtually every step…

… from turning them into a patient to recalling them for an overdue appointment 20 years from now.

When we automate for you:

  • You can join the growing number of dentists who say we changed their lives
  • You no longer have to sit at your kitchen table late at night going through spreadsheets and marketing plans
  • You can concentrate solely on treating patients
  • Your automations run in the background, effectively doing the work of extra staff members – including a highly-skilled sales and marketing manager
  • You can do all this without any hassle (we take care of virtually everything)



We are fanatically driven by giving you at least 10 x ROI.

‘50% growth’

One dental practice grew by 50% after working with us for a year.



The experts in automation for dentists

We believe everyone should bet on their strengths.

You concentrate on treating your patients. 

And we’ll automate pretty much everything else.

We will build your automations with Infusionsoft – the only software created exclusively for small businesses that can make all this happen.

We are leading authorities on Infusionsoft and “lifecycle marketing”.

Our Infusionsoft Architect Jon Barrow and our Managing Director Tim Caudrelier are both Infusionsoft certified partners – a rarity in the UK and Europe.

And we’re proud to be one of a handful of Infusionsoft vertical partners in the world.

It means we have the exclusive rights to create dentistry-specific versions of Infusionsoft for the UK and Europe.

You won’t get this level of expertise anywhere else.