Sell more treatments to new and old patients with very little effort

Automated Intelligent Marketing (AIM) is done-for-you email marketing… 

… that lets you sell more treatments to new and existing patients with very little effort.

Our email magic has helped scores of high-end practices like yours to multiply their treatment sales.


AIM done-for-you email marketing lets you:

  • Attract more new patients
  • Easily sell three treatments of your choice to new and existing patients
  • Finally sell to patients and prospects who “went cold” after you offered them a treatment plan (AIM includes the 7c Reactivation product)
  • Significantly increase your treatment plan conversion rates
  • For the first time, clearly see your marketing Return On Investment (ROI) using an easy-to-understand live online “ROI Dashboard”
  • Increase the number of visitors to your website who go on to become patients
  • Stay in touch with your patients (just seeing an email from you can remind them to book a check-up)
  • Reinforce your brand and style with bespoke designs for your emails and PDFs
  • Do all this without any hassle (we take care of virtually everything)



We are fanatically driven by giving you at least 10 x ROI.

‘New patient enquiries up by 25%’

One dentist increased new patient enquiries by 25% within 3 months of using email marketing from 7connections.



How does it work?

We let you achieve all of the above by:

  • Carefully studying your email list to work out which patients are most likely to buy which treatment
  • Helping you to make subtle changes to your website to improve your conversion rate
  • Sending out super-effective emails (written by a professional copywriter and beautifully designed in your practice branding)
  • Setting up all the back-end technology that makes it run smoothly
  • Teaching you what little you need to know about the easy-to-use AIM system (if you’re able to log in to Facebook then you’re able to handle this)


How much extra work is this for me and my staff?

All you have to do is give us three things:

  1. Your email list of patients and prospects
  2. A few quick testimonials from your patients
  3. The contact details of your web developer if you have one

We take care of the rest.


Help with patients and prospects who stall or “go cold” on a treatment plan

Most dentists are frustrated by patients who come in to see them, don’t buy their treatment plan on the day and then stop answering their calls.

Now there’s an answer – the groundbreaking “reactivation” email sequence included as part of AIM.