How to do everything in your power to grow your practice and supercharge your profits

The 7connections Full Service Agency is only for ambitious dentists who want to revolutionise their practice.

It’s the ultimate way for dentists to supercharge their profits.

Do you feel like you could – and should – be attracting more new patients, selling more treatments and automating everything to help you grow?

Does it feel like it’s unlikely to happen because you’re too busy keeping patients happy?

Many of the UK’s most successful dentists used to feel this way.

Thanks to our bespoke “done for you” Full Service Agency, things have changed for them.

Our Full Service Agency can grow your dental practice in a life-changing way. It will always deliver you the best possible results 

Put simply, it’s our responsibility to give you at least 10 x ROI, month in month out.


The Full Service Agency for your practice will include most of the following:

  • We make it simple for you to attract new patients and get more people in the chair
  • We send fresh, high-quality leads and patients to your website with pay per click (PPC) advertising
  • We help you to sell more treatments by “nurturing” your patients, building relationships with them and giving huge value up front
  • We will automate done-for-you email marketing – for up to 15+ different treatments – so you can sell more treatments to new and existing patients with very little effort
  • You can sell “forgotten” treatment plans to prospects who “went cold” to boost your conversion rates by up to 40%
  • We automate your full patient journey including a “recall” system to call back patients who are due a check-up or hygiene appointment
  • We make it easy for your patients to chat to you (and easy for you to increase sales) with live online chat
  • You can dramatically cut the number of missed phone calls and increase new patient appointments with 7c Call Tracker
  • You can stay in touch with your patients and sell more with email broadcasts
  • We target patients with specific problems (so we can promote implants to patients with missing teeth)
  • We automate your sales and marketing to give you your life back


“20 x ROI”

One of our Full Service Agency dentists achieved 20 x ROI in one month.


What would it take to make your practice one of the best in the UK?

Your practice should be distinct

So should your marketing and sales.

The Full Service Agency starts with a full marketing review and strategy session in your practice.

We work with you to plan exactly what you need to deliver at least 10 x ROI.

We create an unstoppable strategy tailor-made for you.

And we put together a unique combination of tools and tactics to give you big wins.


How do you measure your ROI?

We know from speaking to our dentists that you find it almost impossible to work out how the money you spend on marketing translates into leads or sales.

With Full Service Agency there’s a simple solution to this familiar problem.

You get an easy-to-understand live online “ROI Dashboard”.

So for the first time, you can very easily check your marketing Return On Investment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It’s completely transparent.

And dentists like you say it’s transformed their business.