How to dramatically cut the number of missed phone calls and increase new patient appointments

With 7c Call Tracker, you can seriously boost new patient appointments by significantly cutting the number of missed phone calls and improving your “close rate” on the calls you answer.

Many dentists have doubled new patient appointments using this technology.

If you fail to answer a call or the line’s engaged or goes straight to voicemail.

  1. The caller receives an instant text message saying you’ll call back within a few minutes. (That’s usually enough to stop them Googling the number of a rival dentist.
  2. We text you details of the missed call including the phone number
  3. You call back as quickly as you can.

Our staff also listen to and analyse all your calls so we can give you comprehensive reports and give advice about how to convert more of your calls into appointments.


With 7c Call Tracker:

  • You can dramatically cut the number of unanswered calls and increase the number of new patients (without having to spend lots on new marketing)
  • We can help you try to recapture the thousands of pounds you could be losing because of missed call.
  • We can tell you how callers found about the practice which means we can help you to accurately calculate your marketing ROI
  • We give you reports with unprecedented detail and can recommend specific training to help individual staff members book more appointments



We are fanatically driven by giving you at least 10 x ROI.

Are you missing 50 calls a month?

Dental practices miss an average of 40-50 calls a month. (Source: CallTrackerROI.)


Could you double new patient appointments?

7c Call Tracker was developed by a dentist who realised missed calls were costing him thousands of pounds in lost revenue.

He was averaging 120 missed calls a month.

After putting the new system in place, he now misses less than 5 calls a month.

And he’s doubled new patient appointments.


Are your staff good at converting calls into appointments?

We can tell you how many calls come in and how many calls are missed.

But because our staff actually listen back to your calls we can also answer questions like: Which treatment was the caller interested in? Were they booked in for an appointment? Did the staff member give their name? What were the reasons that appointments were not booked?

We can also tell you if individual team members are good at booking new patients in for appointments.

Our reports could reveal that your receptionist is good at booking people in for implants consultations but is not so good at closing hygiene appointments.

We can suggest specific training for your receptionist based on our findings.