Make it easy for your patients to chat to you (and easy for you to multiply sales)

7c Live Chat lets you chat in real time to new and existing patients.

The cost-effective, easy-to-use system generates an average of 23 leads a week for practices.


After 8 seconds, visitors to your website (whether they’re on desktop, mobile or tablet) see a live chat window asking how you can help.

The conversation begins. Your receptionist types to chat.

It means you can cut down on the lost opportunities of missed phone calls and website visitors who quickly leave your site.

And it gives you the chance to sell extra treatments and multiply your revenue.


With 7c Live Chat:

  • You can safely and easily chat in real time to your patients (and handle multiple chats at once)
  • You let patients chat to you in their preferred method of communication and it gives patients greater privacy to chat with you at work or wherever they are
  • Visitors to your website are far more likely to stick around
  • You can increase the number of new visitors to your website who go on to become patients
  • It easily leads to more treatment sales
  • You can install it on your website in 90 seconds (and we can walk you through it)
  • It’s super secure – all messages are secured with 256 bit SSL encryption and stored for only 45 days
  • You can read back on the chats to check your staff are communicating effectively




‘71% of patients would rather use live chat than pick up the phone’

71% of patients would choose live chat over calling a practice, a recent survey suggests. (Source: MedChat.)


Find ‘lost opportunities’ to increase profits… and make it easy for patients to contact you while they’re at work

Your phone lines get busy. But many people don’t like to leave messages. So you could be missing dozens of new patient calls each month.

7c Live Chat frees up your phone lines and gives people another way to contact you.

For most people, text messages and live chat systems such as Facebook Messenger and Skype Instant Messaging are part of everyday life.

At the same time, 90% of patients visit a website before calling on the phone. And more than half of your website visitors will leave within 15 seconds without making contact. (Source: MedChat.)

7c Live Chat engages with visitors almost instantly.

And it means a patient or prospect can take their time to chat with you at work – without their boss finding out.

In 2016, why wouldn’t your patients be able to use text chat to ask you questions and book appointments?