Don’t you hate it when you carefully diagnose and recommend treatment to a patient and they say something like… “Sounds good  – let me talk it over with my spouse…”

When a patient leaves the practice with a treatment plan, do you have a follow up system to keep them engaged while they check with their spouse?

We reengage patients with a series of text, emails and call notifications that has been delivering groundbreaking results.

All the dentists who use our automated "REVIVE" have quickly made tens of thousands of pounds with reengage patients who have unscheduled treatment.

It can dramatically boost your treatment plan conversion rates.

*Some dentists have enjoyed increases of 20-40% after 3-6 months.

Firstly, we can give you some quick wins by revisiting unsold treatment plans (in our experience they’re usually worth between £100,000-£1.3 million).

Then we can help you to achieve long-term success… If they do not sign up for a treatment plan, they will go on to receive the reactivation emails.

So you get more chances to sell to patients who were not ready to buy, and more chances to make sure they buy from you (and not a rival dentist).


Want to know more about REVIVE?

If you’re interested in finding out more about how fully automate your patient follow up system, download our latest video,

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When we automating your follow up system to patients and prospects who “went cold”:

  • You can make sure all the hard work, time and money spent getting a patient in the chair does not go to waste
  • We help you to communicate in a sensitive, non-pushy way that delivers exceptional results (all extensively tested to give you the biggest returns)
  • We provide you with personal text and emails – that work directly from your practice email
  • You carry on with what you were doing and wait for the calls to come in
  • Without any effort from you, you can say goodbye to scrappy, ineffective or non-existent reactivation “systems”



We are fanatically driven by giving you a money back guarantee.

‘£38,000 in extra sales’

One dentist made £38,000 in extra sales within a month of using one of our automated reactivation sequences.


Why 7connections REVIVE? 

It’s frustrating when patients stall on treatment plans.

You spend time examining them and coming up with their treatment plan (often for no charge)

They don’t buy on the day. And then they go cold. They stop answering your calls. And you never hear from them again. 

Our REVIVE fully automated patient follow is the answer.

It includes emails highlighting benefits, testimonials, common obstacles that stop patients from having treatment and special offers

This is how it works:

  • We look at your database and find all unsold treatment plans from the past 12 months (they’re usually worth between £100,000-£1.3 million)
  • We go back to these patients and use our email mastery to “nurture” them and reengage them.
  • From then on, the text messages and email system automatically send to any patient who your choose to recieve them.